About MeetingPRIMES

MeetingPRIMES offers expert advice, guidelines, and tactics successful leaders employ when designing and leading meetings that produce results. Effective meetings awaken the power of the collective and create a more engaged, meaningful work experience.

Our mission is to provide leaders with the tools necessary to craft meetings that are intentionally designed and skillfully led for breakthrough outcomes, better decisions, and transformational communication.

MeetingPRIMES is the brainchild of team members from The Clearing in partnership with Safe Harbor Consulting. The Clearing is a DC-based management consulting firm that thrives on bringing stakeholders together to solve complex problems. The Clearing supported organizations such as The World Bank, the General Services Administration, and the Department of Defense by facilitating strategic and organizational transformation.

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MeetingPRIMES is an interactive, self-guided meeting design and facilitation experience for leading groups in extraordinary conversations that produce extraordinary results.

Meetings are the tool in which leaders enroll groups of people in the risky business of problem solving, change, and transformation. Enrollment is engaging your team to lean in.